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What's in a Name

(Publisher - Black Opal Books)
(Release Date: November 28, 2015)

Special agents Kelli Martin and Jake Landis are assigned to rescue graduate student, Takeem El, who was picked up by National Protection Operations Security because his name matched one on their list. While he was being transported to a new location, an extremist group kills the National Protection Operations agents and takes Takeem. Despite a past relationship, Kelli and Jake are assigned as partners.

Itís discovered that Takeem is not the person sought by National Protection Operations Security.

Kelli and Jake are sent to the area in Pennsylvaniaís Pocono Mountains where the group is expected to take him. The two agents establish identities there and wait for Takeem to arrive. They are informed that the groupís leader is expected to come to question Takeem so they are to attempt to get both.

Kelli and Jake install surveillance equipment at the groupís compound.

Not without danger, they plan to extract Takeem and go back for the leader. While leaving with Takeem, they pass the leader and some men in their car. The leader and his men come after Kelli and Takeem while Jake is away. Takeem sees them out the window, panics and runs out the back door. Kelli follows to protect him. Both are taken captive, put in the car trunk and driven to the extremistsí cabin.

Jake comes home, finds evidence of what happened and goes after them. Kelli gets out the trunk, gets Takeem to do the same and hides.

Jake and Kelli capture the leader and the rest of the group. After the mission is over, they iron out their difficulties and take their relationship forward.