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Have I got a deal for you! Missing some of my books? Need to complete your collection? The price for the following books personally autographed is $15.00 each, which includes postage, when you buy them directly from me.
With the purchase of two or more books, I’ll take $1.00 off each.
You can use one of the following ways to pay:
Cashiers Check or PayPal. (For a Cashiers Check payment, you can send payment to me at: Alice Wootson, 348 East Gowen Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19119.
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Think gifts, complete your library or surprise a friend. Think during the summer months sitting outside, reading as you enjoy a summer breeze. Or, read while you wait for a flight. Or while on a road trip. During commercials! Or in a boring company!
Get them before the next one is available.
Read! Read! Read. - ☺

Snowbound With Love
During a blizzard, Charlotte Thompson suffers
a head injury and amnesia when her car
slips off Tyler Fleming’s driveway.
They get involved while snowed-in.
When they’re dug out they learn her identity.
She’s the one who Tyler holds responsible for
something that nearly destroyed his life.

Dream Wedding
What’s a dream wedding without the right man?
If sparks aren’t flying with her fiance, Walter,
Missy Harrison doesn’t care. She had her fill of
passion and turmoil in high school with Jimmy
T. Scott. On her way home to get married her
car breaks down. Jimmy T., with his tow truck,
shows up looking better than ever.

Home For Christmas
Going home again is always right when the
right person is there. Jeffrey Hamilton sacrificed
all, including the woman he loved to achieve his
success. Now a multi-millionaire, he realizes
his life is empty. He still loves Sheila, but
is it too late to win her back? Will the season
of miracles lead them back into each other’s

Trust in Me
Linda Durard fell for the wrong man and it
cost her everything. Now she has a chance to
start over. Avery Washington hires her
to work at his center, but isn’t sure he can
trust her because of a family incident.
They both feel the attraction, but fight it.

To Love Again
Cindy and Marc, still smarting from
failed marriages, swear off marriage. Their
mothers, however, have other ideas.

Escape To Love
After seeing her boss killed,
Angela Barring must enter the Witness
Protection Program. An attraction develops
between her and Detective Trent Stewart,
but because of danger to her, they can’t
act on it. When her location is revealed,
they get a second chance.

Kindred Spirits
Alana and Keith, strangers, relocate
from Philadelphia to Florida investigate
a mystery for different reasons. As they
get closer to answers that place them in
jeopardy, they get closer to each other.

Aloha Love
Jeanine Stewart, helicopter pilot in Hawaii,
and Chris Harris, architect, face dangers that
make them realize what is really important.

Perfect Wedding
Dana Dillard is determined to win the
contest on the reality show, Perfect
Wedding. The prize is a trip to Hawaii.
Never mind that the trip is a honeymoon
and she not only doesn’t have a fiancé,
she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She’ll worry
about that little thing after she wins

Ready To Take A Chance
Shana catches her husband in bed with
another woman and vows never to let a guy get
close again. Then former pro-athlete, Kyle
Rayburn, funds the track program at the school
where Shana teaches physical education. He’s
tired of ‘cheerleader types, but is drawn to
this newly single woman. Heat flares
on and off the field.

Border Love
Agent Brooke Hudson's faith is shaken
when she captures a child entering the country
illegally. Though tempted to resign, she asks
for reassignmen instead. Her new partner,
Agent Darien McKee, is forced to transfer
after a violent outburst against a man who
left a truckload of immigrants to die in the
desert. When a terrorist attack rocks their
world, they lean on each other for support.
Feelings develop between them, but will an
evil force tear them apart?

Border Danger
Religion is an important part of Agent Nita
Johnson's life. She finds herself attracted
to the substitute trainer at the Border
Patrol Academy, Agent Craig Sawyer, but
wonders if he's the one for her. After
all, his relationship with God is shaky
after a traumatic event caused him to
give up on God and he vows never to
develop a close bond with anyone ever
again. When Nita's life is in danger,
will Craig turn back to God?

What’s in a Name?
Kelli Malone, government agent, is excited
about her first assignment until she learns
her partner is Jake Landis, her old boyfriend.
She walked out on him years ago with no
explanation. Now they have to pose as a
married couple in order to free an innocent
graduate student and bring down the extremist
group that kidnapped him. Can they put their
past behind them and complete the mission?