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Romantic Interlude

Poetry Reading
Read my poetry? Share it?
I don't know if I could.
A piece of me goes into everything I write....
Especially every poem;
(Although the good Lord knows I have many pieces to spare.)
Going out on that limb is chancey;
What if someone has a mind to lop it off?

Salley Hennings, Slave/Mistress of Thomas Jefferson
Mr. Tom, he say this Paris is beautiful as me.
I see Paris as a place to be free.
Silks and lace and frills on my back,
Fine furniture he give to fill my shck don't mean nothing.

He acts like he don't know what freedom means;
He wrote that be everbody's dream.
I'm part of that 'everybody' he talks about.
"Dusky Salley".
Like the name excuses
to use me as he wants.

"I'm staying here where talk is strange", I say.
He say, "You come back I set Jacob free."
I agree.
My brother will have his freedom 'stead of me.

Slavery fits too tighter after freedom.
Mister Tom slips to my cabin each night.
In the dark I think of Jacob in the light,
Owning himself and doing as he will.

I close my eyes and remember.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dear Readers:

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Hi Folks,

Two times writing to you within a few days. Wow! But I had to tell you about the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference (GPCWC) I attended July27th through July 29 in Langhorne at Cairn University which was once Philadelphia Bible College.

The conference was jam-packed with workshops for writers of various genres including, blogging, memoires, books meant for children, fiction and nonfiction and various strategies for all of them. Agents and editors were available for appointments.

I met with several and I was given permission to submit manuscripts for all three of my completed unpublished novels. Maybe ‘Hannah’s Freedom’ and ‘Love Thine Enemy’, my historical novels, and ‘Reunion’ my contemporary, will finally be published.

Unfortunately, this was the last conference of that size. It might be scaled down. For information and to see if any cds from the conference might interest you, why not visit the website?

(Marlene Bagnull, the founder, director and everything else, is still planning to hold the annual conference in Colorado.)

Be sure to read my announcement about how to buy any of my thirteen books directly from me. I’ll autograph them, if you want, of course. This might be your last chance for the first ten. As I said, when they’re gone, they’re gone.

So long for now. Hoping to hear from you soon, keep on reading and I’ll keep on writing.

Alice Wootson

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